Janda Baik Foothill of Genting Highlands (SOLD)


RM 2,000,000.00

Property Name & Location

  • Property Name
    Genting Highlands
  • Location
    Genting Highlands, Pahang

Property Details

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  • Listing Type
  • Tenure
  • Built Up
    12,000 Sqft
  • Land Size
    52,000 Sqft
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Current State
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  • Layout
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  • Remarks
    Main Villa/House

    1 living, 1 dining, 1 kitchen, 1 bathroom, 1 multi purpose room with bathroom attached & 5 bedrooms with bathroom attached.

    3 Villas

    1. Malay double-storey traditional house with 1 bedroom and living with bathroom attached

    2. Two (2) Villas - 1 bedroom, 1 living room both with bathroom attached

    The total land area is est. 52,000 sq ft with the built-up area of est.12,000 sq ft. The main gate is facing north-east and have to drive-up to the house.


    If a weekend here does not revitalise you, then you must be hard to please. Set in the middle of Janda Baik, this weekend retreat amid trees and granite rocks is spread over 0.48 ha (1.2 acres) of primary jungle. There are more trees than houses in this neighbourhood.
    A winding, narrow road in a hilly area leads to a cluster of villas with a built-up area of 990sq m (11,000sq ft), which comes with gazebos, pavilions and fruit trees interspersed over a gentle slope.
    Tall trees, including pines, are everywhere. The pines are not just standing upright in their natural state, but also form part of the walls and the furniture. When the pines were cleared to make room for the house, they were not left to rot, but were given a second life as the building blocks of the house.
    The house-owner loves the outdoors and two years ago when he acquired the land for RM500,000, he was conscious of his responsibility not to impose his will on Mother Nature, but to live with and alongside her. One question he asked himself was: “If I were to build the kind of house that can be found in the city, then why bother to come here?”
    That meant using the granite rocks and the surrounding trees from the area, and leaving the remaining trees well alone when it was not essential to mow them down.
    The latter part of the drive from the city centre is a hilly route past primary jungle and when approaching the gated community, lofty and elegant pine trees give the landscape a special Alpine-like appearance.
    On arrival, the vista is one of log buildings (not quite your simple log cabin) standing amid tall trees, a realised vision of the owner’s commitment to preserve the environment.

    The temperature here during the day is 26 to 28 degrees Celsius.
    As the land slopes from the top down, the parking area is at the lowest point; climbing a gentle slope, one reaches the sitting area and beyond that, the dining area and to the back, the kitchen. The residential site Living quarters are to the right of the common areas. One does not “enter " the living room, for there are no doors to open. Two to three long pieces of driftwood collected from nearby hills and placed vertically, kind of heralds the entrance to the living area.
    The idea is rustic living in a house with an open concept, but sitting in the sofa in the living room, one is cooled by a ceiling fan and entertained by music from the flat screen TV. The floor tiles are in a neutral, beige colour.
    The temperature here during the day is 26 to 28 degrees Celsius, but still, efforts are made to keep the house cool. The ceiling is plywood-weaved for ventilation, and when night falls, light from hidden bulbs in the ceiling are reflected back to create a totally different ambience.
    A terrace with a deep overhanging roof, lines one side of the sitting area. Three pine chairs, each an improved version of the previous one, provide seating. The calming influence of water in a pond by the side of the terrace and the cooling effects of the water’s evaporation make the visitor feel even more comfortable.
    While having this open concept is fine when the weather is nice and sunny, it could be problematic when the skies open and the winds find their way here. This is where a couple of tall bamboo trees provide a screen to filter the rain and act as a buffer against the wind.
    Moving across to the residential side of the complex, quaint double-storey “log houses” feature discarded windows and doors. “Recycle, conserve, don’t destroy,” are the watchwords here. Discarded bottles fitted into the walls add to the quaintness, refracting the sunlight for added interest.
    A visit round to the back of the house is not like a visit to an airless alleyway, but a place to catch the breeze as the villas are designed to capture the breeze that comes through.
    While the visitor cannot miss the numerous trees still left standing, fruit trees will eventually claim their place in the sun. Name the fruit and the tree is there: mangosteen, jambu, ciku, rambutan, water apple, mango, longan, durian, starfruit and even a cili padi bush.
    The work here has been going on for two years, and it will probably take some time before the final details are completed. But as it is, this weekend retreat is in a different world where the homeowner has found his place, yet leaves Mother Nature well and alone.


Living Hall

  • Sofa Set
  • Tea Table
  • Ceiling Light
  • Fan


  • Ceiling Light
  • Cabinet
  • Refrigerator
  • W. Machine
  • Stove

Dining Hall

  • Ceiling Light
  • Dining Table
  • Dine Chair

Bathroom Attached

  • Ceiling Light
  • Water Heater

Common Bathroom

  • Ceiling Light
  • Water Heater


  • Name Michael Sebastian
  • Email michael@msproperties.com.my
  • Phone 012-229 2990
  • Company MS Properties